Jay Heifetz of Bottleshots Photography specialises in product – particularly bottle – photography.
I teamed up with him recently to create some bespoke styled shots for some Australian wineries.
(I swear we only drank coffee!)

For a large overseas shipment, Oakover wanted a particular look and feel for its premium range of Clockwork Shiraz, here styled against a complementary brass tray on a swatch of silk, and embraced by a fresh rose.

Styled to put focus on the elegant label for Oakover’s new premium range from Western Australia, the fruit and nuts have been carefully positioned on a slab of natural black slate with fabric and lighting appropriate to the scene.

Tomfoolery Vineyard’s Youngblood Grenache bottle styled to emphasis the label’s strong typography.

An award-winning bottle of Sauvignon Blanc Semillon from boutiques Margaret River winery Swings & Roundabouts posed against a sterling silver tray.

Styling:  Harriet Harcourt
Photography:  Jay Heifetz
Styling notes:  Jay Heifetz