Capturing a suite of images for website and social media for this spectacular apple, our brief included whole apples, apples being washed and sliced, some children’s lunchbox ideas, and a variety of serving/recipe suggestions.

Pictured below is a small sample of what we shot on the day.

Bravo™ apples are exciting and unique Western Australian bred apples that have a distinct sweetness, moderate-to-high crisp and crunch, and a striking burgundy colour. Available commercially for the first time in 2016, only fruit that meets the exacting quality specifications earn the right to be sold under the premium Bravo™ apple brand. Bravo™ apples are the result of more than two decades of research and development with an impressive tree pedigree. The tree variety is the result of a traditional hybridisation  cross between Royal Gala and the internationally acclaimed Western Australian-bred Cripps Red apple variety.  Bravo™ apples are therefore 100% guaranteed non-GMO fruit”.
Fruit West Co-operative Ltd