While this particular picture may look like it was a cruisy job for the food stylist; factor in making icy, layered drinks with fresh herb & fruit garnishes on a 30C degree day – in full sun & with no refrigeration (other than an esky or two) and you might start to realise that it’s not always as easy as it looks. Then, just as the food and drinks are looking perfect, there’s a wrinkle in the fabric, the model’s hair needs rearranging, a cloud goes over..  by the time all those details are taken care of, the drinks have melted and the mint has wilted. Again. Getting the picture? Luckily, nine times out of ten you are working with a bunch of really nice, professional people who are all dealing with their version of the melting drinks scenario and operating as a team with a single goal.
Image was used for print and social media.


A glimpse behind the scenes..

(Shoot date – November 2014)

Food styling: Harriet Harcourt
Photography:  Shift Creative