Southern Forests Food Council Inc. – “Genuinely Southern Forests”

The brief was to develop, style and photograph six seasonal recipes for Autumn featuring Genuinely Southern Forests produce. These included marron, truffles, passionfruit, and in particular feijoas which have a short season and complex flavour profile.

“The recipes will be targeted at families and grocery buyers. Our target market are time-poor parents looking for a different way to cook with their usual produce (or successfully use novel produce in the case of truffle), so recipes should be approachable for cooks of low/moderate skill but also inspire a use of food that average home cooks may not have thought of previously. Small tips on how to prepare an ingredient for better flavour are also very effective.”

As a feijoa lover, it was difficult to pin down just three ideas, but I wanted to include both savoury and sweet applications to showcase the versatility of this unusual fruit while keeping to the “time poor” theme.
With the truffle and marron, I was looking to provide recipes that would make the best use of these more upmarket items – incorporating them into a mayonnaise and a pasta dish extended the luxury element in a family-friendly way.
Passionfruit is probably the most widely known and understood element of the four produce items, and here the possibilities are endless!  An old-fashioned posset was hard to go past, with the addition of crunchy-sweet wonton crisps elevating it to fancy with very little fuss!

passionfruit posset with wonton crisps..
rag pasta with marron, fennel, scorched cherry tomatoes & lemon..
autumn feijoa & pear crumble..
roasted cauliflower fritters with truffle mayonnaise..
pano-crumbed pork cutlets with crushed feijoa, apple & ginger sauce..
quick feijoa chutney with lamb sausages..
wonton crisps..
passionfruit straight from the vine..
first of the new season feijoas..

“Harriet is a consummate professional who paid close attention to our specific brief and had an excellent range of recipe ideas to choose from. Harriet was sure to ask all the right questions before shooting to ensure we were satisfied with the final product.
Turnaround was very quick with no sacrifice on quality and we even have some behind the scenes images as a bonus.”  – Jennifer Riseley, Southern Forests Food Council Inc.