The New York Times

Australia Fare: “Besha Rodell reviews restaurants for the New York times’s Australian Bureau. She travels the country seeking out hidden gems, neighbourhood haunts and the places that give Australai its culinary identity.”

The venue was Millbrook Winery in Jarrahdale. The brief was to capture head chef and gardener Guy Jeffreys, his garden, some outdoor shots of the winery, and several of the dishes on offer. This out-of-the-blue job was urgent with the deadline only a matter of hours away, and only the day before I had seen  pictures of Guy enjoying his Christmas holiday on Rottnest Island! However, having established the star of the show was now back on deck at Millbrook, the team pulled together to make the shoot a great success. The story and pictures had already been published by the time we woke up the next morning – very exciting!

venue - a classic Millbrook scene..
restaurant food..
wine pour in situ..
kitchen garden with head chef hard at work..
head chef & gardener, Guy Jeffreys..
wine dog, Lockie..
grilled duck's hearts, fresh berries & leaves..
berkshire pork with smoked, whipped pork fat, barbecued sweetcorn, painted mountain corn, fresh figs..
zucchini three ways; spiced & steeped in olive oil; trifolata; grilled with flowers & yoghurt..