Love My Neighbour (and his mandarins!)premium
When I first arrived to live in WA I was enchanted by the practice of the “haves” leaving surplus lemons on the verge for those of us who “had not”. The first time I was brave enough to help myself I looked around, grabbed a couple, waved uncertainly in the direction of the house whose […]
“and if you think you don’t give a fig.. “premium
“and if you think you don’t give a fig..   “ Where I live there has been no shortage of fig trees heaving with fat, ripe figs lately – and their owners are happy to share their wonderful bounty before the birds can get to them all. Last week, my neighbour – who is also […]
Reflections on a Friday afternoon..premium
Sometimes when you’re chief cook and bottle washer in your own little empire (aka self-employed), it’s hard to keep up. I’m way behind with all sorts of things, including the all-important social media lark. But here’s what I did well this week: I was a loving and supportive partner to the man I have chosen […]
Celebrating 35 years of Scratchies – Cakepremium
Sometimes the brief for a job is a bit of a departure from “just making the food look good”.  This was one of them. Working with art director Kylie Clifford to create cakes for a TV commercial was one of those learning curves where knowledge of food is important, and problem solving more important. She needed […]
2017 Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Yearpremium
I was really delighted to have one of my images short listed in the Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year competition earlier this year. Although I entered several other photographs, it was this simple one of “burrata” that caught the  judges’ eye in amongst over 7,000 other entries. I had to work quickly as the cream […]
Fogarty Wine Group – 2016premium
2016 was a year in which I came to know and appreciate the charms of a number of the “offspring” of the Fogarty Wine Group – Millbrook Winery in Jarrahdale, Deep Woods Estate Winery in Yallingup, and Bunkers Beach House Restaurant in Bunker Bay. It was a privilege to be a part of several of the events staged at […]
G*Rey – Sentir Music Video Shootpremium
I’ve had a warm working relationship with Geraldine Rey of Digital Chic for several years now; she’s a highly skilled professional in her field of digital wizardry – branding, digital marketing, graphic & web design, web development, digital marketing strategy, and small business coaching. We’ve collaborated on a number of projects and in a number of ways, and it’s always […]
Lady Marmaladepremium
Lady Marmalade opened her doors to the public in March 2016.  About time too, I say – the world is a better place for this delightful Kirup cafe owned and run by Lynlee Rutter. It’s truly a family affair though, as teenage daughter Georgia graces front-of-house with aplomb, son Will (10) has people begging for his nutella doughnuts, […]
Beautiful treasure – play date with a friendpremium
I’ve been intently focussed on food lately – no big surprise there, it’s what I do. But sometimes it’s good to just take time out and play; to look at the world with fresh eyes. I did that recently in a friend’s house – a treasure trove of light and shade, texture and colour, the beautiful nestling alongside the […]
Seasonal Gardening and Cooking at Millbrook Winerypremium
What a wonderful day it was at the first “Seasonal Gardening and Cooking” day held at the gorgeous Millbrook Winery in Jarrahdale, towards the end of February. The “gardener” is Guy Jeffreys – head chef and gardener at Millbrook Winery; and the “cook”, whole and natural foods chef Jude Blereau, of Jude Blereau Wholefood Cooking. […]
A Measure of Friendshippremium
After one of my visits home, I returned with these in my suitcase. Which might seem a bit odd. After all, they’re neither expensive nor hard to find, and there are plenty of kitchen shops here. They don’t qualify as “vintage”, so they’re not likely to make it into one of those over-propped, everything-but-the-kitchen-sink, and […]
You Are Herepremium
  The process of packing up to move to another country was all manner of things:  challenging, liberating, irritating, frustrating, heart breaking, terrifying, exciting, confronting, and so on… I had lived almost my entire life in my home town, and while I had moved house many (many!) times, I had never really got to grips […]