“Located in the Perth hills suburb of Darlington, Empire Pastry is proud to be a producer of high quality, traditionally made pastry. We are passionate about supporting other WA businesses and source the majority of our ingredients from local suppliers wherever possible.
And our pastry is really very good too!”  Cath & Meg, Empire Pastry

It really is very good, and I was lucky enough to land the job of developing and photographing seasonal recipes for their new retail range, recently launched along with their new website.
Choosing which recipes to create to showcase this excellent product from all the possibilities is the hardest part of working with these two gorgeous women; the rest is pure pleasure!

“Empire Pastry, is without doubt the finest commercial pastry maker in WA with chefs loving its butter puff and flaky fabulousness. At last, it is producing a retail range. Perth’s home cooks can now find Empire’s pastry in selected shops and markets around town.”
Rob Broadfield, Broadbrush. Aug 2021