2016 was a year in which I came to know and appreciate the charms of a number of the “offspring” of the Fogarty Wine Group – Millbrook Winery in Jarrahdale, Deep Woods Estate Winery in Yallingup, and Bunkers Beach House Restaurant in Bunker Bay.

It was a privilege to be a part of several of the events staged at Millbrook Winery, where Guy Jeffreys – head chef and gardener – reigns supreme.  Almost everything served in the restaurant is grown on the property, and their “No Waste Mondays” are an innovation not to be missed.

The “Cooking with Jude, and Gardening with Guyseasonal workshops were informative, fun and delicious – two remarkable individuals sharing their enthusiasm and boundless knowledge in a down-to-earth and fun way. Each of the workshops I attended also had the additional bonus of a visit (usually around dessert time!) from wine maker Damian Hutton, who took time out of his busy day to give us a little tour of the winery and barrel hall.

A stand out for me was an afternoon spent with Guy and his crew in the vegetable garden; every Thursday after service the kitchen staff make their way down there to spend a few hours weeding, clearing, planting, and generally attending to the growing of the food that will eventually land on the plates of the lucky diners – which will only happen when it is at its perfect best. Guy ran the gardening afternoon in the same way as he does his kitchen – driving it with precision, clarity and humour and above all, an obviously genuine love for what he does.

A trip south to Deep Woods Estate and Bunkers Beach House were equally memorable; Deep Woods for its glorious setting as well as the warmth of its wine making crew, who were all super busy but good naturedly took time out to be photographed in less than ideal conditions.  Then Bunkers Beach House, where head chef Jason produced a number of perfectly presented (not to mention delicious) meals to be shot, while the staff did a sterling job of working around us to keep customers fed, watered and happy. And oh, that view!

The images here are some of a collection that were shot at different times over the year for their new (soon to be launched) websites, and social media.





Photography:  Harriet Harcourt
Words:  Harriet Harcourt