Not always food.. family portraits at the beach

I first photographed this delightful family nearly four years ago, when the youngest wasn’t even walking yet, let alone the little dynamo she is today!
With a father who is a sports master, and a mother who just ticked off an Iron Man challenge from her bucket list, it’s little wonder that all three children are constantly on the go, with running and climbing being their preferred mode – sitting still is not high on their agenda.
So when they contacted me again recently to ask for some up-to-date family photos, it seemed fitting to capture them doing what they love best – running! We spent a very happy hour running about at South Beach in Fremantle (when I say we were running about, it’s possible I mean they ran while I tried to keep up!)
Once they had all expended a fair amount of energy I was able to get them to sit still just long enough to capture them as a family, and individually. It doesn’t feel like work when it’s this much fun!