“WA Pure Honey are located in Western Australia, one of the most remote, pristine, natural environments on Earth.
We love Bees and what they can do. Our bees produce amazing honey, honeycomb, pollen, and other products. We package these products, keeping them as raw and unprocessed as possible, with little filtering and no heating.”
Gavin & Matt, WA Pure Honey

Product photography for export brochures and serving suggestions for this beautiful product from WA Pure Honey. Matt & Gavin needed some updated product images for their website and new export brochures along with a couple of serving suggestions.

I couldn’t resist a dipper shot – doing this single-handed proved an interesting although not impossible challenge; one hand dipping in and out of the honey while pushing “shoot” with the other on my camera and watching my laptop screen to see if I was getting anything worthwhile . A large number of shots later my persistence had paid off with several pretty shots to choose from!