Celebrating 35 years of Scratchies – Cake

Sometimes the brief for a job is a bit of a departure from “just making the food look good”.  This was one of them. Working with art director Kylie Clifford to create cakes for a TV commercial was one of those learning curves where knowledge of food is important, and problem solving more important.

She needed around 8-10 identical cakes for this shoot, and the brief went something like this:
Has to have pure white buttercream icing.
Has to have two different kinds of sprinkles stuck on in a particular way.
Has to be able to be thrown/dropped and stay in one piece.
One has to have a slice cut out of it showing three layers. Just in case.
Think that’s roughly it.

Hmm..  so buttercream is by nature creamy yellow. Leave it with me.
Sprinkles, can do.
Throwing and dropping without breaking? Okaaaaay.
Slice cut out?  Yep, can do – if I’ve managed everything else, that’s going to be the easy bit!

Behind the Scenes:

Oh, and if you’re wondering how we did it, I couldn’t possibly comment!