My love of food is whole-hearted and life long – from eschewing games such as hopscotch and playing with dolls in favour of making meringues with my friend Jenny as an 8-year-old girl; to a long standing career in catering, food styling, cooking classes, demonstrations, food writing, and making & selling food products.  However, this set of images is simply a reflection of my enjoyment of the colours, shapes and textures of beautiful raw ingredients.

  • Garlic » Testing a new camera brought about a series of ethereal pictures of fresh garlic
  • Comb Honey » The warm glow of sticky, oozing comb honey!
  • Pink Snapper » Fresh from the sea, this beautiful fish deserved to be immortalised before it became dinner!
  • Lemons & Zest » Setting sun illuminating fresh lemon zest
  • Bok Choy & Gardening etc » Freshly picked & washed bok choy
  • Spices » Still life with curry spices

Food Styling: Harriet Harcourt
Photography: Harriet Harcourt