orange zest

Bitter Chocolate & Marmalade Tartpremium
This sensational tart has a richly bitter-sweet chocolate & marmalade filling, encased in a chocolate pastry shell. Serve in thin slices – a little goes a long way! For the Chocolate Pastry: 1¼ cups flour ¼ cup cocoa 120g butter, cut into small pieces 1 Tb caster sugar 1 egg yolk 1-2 Tb cold water […]
Roasted Peaches with Ginger Crumbs & Orange Mascarponepremium
This delicious dessert (or brunch?) recipe for roasted peaches was made using a particular gingernut biscuit that most New Zealanders will identify with – made extra hard especially for dunking, and advertised with a catchy little tune that’s impossible not to think of if you are “of a certain age”! Of course, if you can’t easily get hold […]
Fragrant Scented Strawberries with Orange Creampremium
Light, yet luscious.. fresh strawberries are marinated in a light champagne & orange blossom syrup, and accompanied by orange-spiked whipped cream, with a touch of pistachio to finish. (..a Valentine’s Day dessert for a non-chocolate lover, perhaps?) For the Strawberries: 25g caster sugar 150 ml sparkling wine 1 Tb lemon juice 2 Tb approx. orange […]