Tiny Turtle Baby Foodpremium
“I had the pleasure of working with Harriet on a recent photoshoot for my business. It was something I had been putting off for some time and now I wish I’d done it sooner.Harriet was amazing. Her expertise in the food industry really shines though and she goes above and beyond to make sure everything is perfect. I […]
What to Eat – a Specialist Guide to Fertility and Pregnancypremium
  “The pictures of the food are really pretty, my enormous thanks to Harriet Harcourt for her exceptional talent in food photography ..”  – Dr Joo Teoh, Author & Publisher What to Eat – a Specialist Guide to Fertility and Pregnancy by Perth-based specialist in Fertility, Obstetrics & Gynaecology Joo Teoh with recipe development by Kami Ramini of This Mum’s Kitchen  “Dr […]
Purple Carrots roasted with Honey & Thymepremium
A beautiful bunch of purple carrots caught my eye while shopping..  who cares if they weren’t on the list! An actual recipe is really not required here.. simply do this: · Scrub the carrots and trim the tops. · If you want to, cut them in half lengthways. · Place in a roasting dish. · […]
Regal Salmon – tear sheetspremium
Over a period of years I worked on a number of Regal Salmon shoots.  The one featured below was to be shot in an outdoor setting – which, in Wellington, can have its moments.  For a variety of reasons during the shoot, it became apparent that we needed to find a different location, and fast.  A quick […]