Viet Hoa Brookfield is the offspring of Viet Hoa in Northbridge – a family-run, 30-year veteran of the Perth restaurant scene. Keeping it in the family, son of Viet Hoa Northbridge owners Justin, and his lovely wife Van serve authentic Vietnamese food freshly prepared in the bustling Brookfield Place Food Court.

While there’s a stunning array of ready-prepared dishes to choose from, you can also select from their made-to-order menu, and enjoy it either on-the-run or dine-in; there’s plenty of space in the food court to sit and enjoy your meal if you’re in less of a hurry.

Later in the year, Viet Hoa Brookfield will be undergoing a refurbishment, and I was called on to shoot the made-to-order menu items which will feature on the wall of their new-look premises.  Working with food stylist Kate Flower, we set up a little “studio” in the midst of the food court – thankfully it’s closed in the weekend! – and spent a busy Saturday styling and shooting 18 delicious dishes.

The menu items need to be the hero of the shot with a consistent look and minimal propping, as well as a fair representation of what the customer receives. Van’s guidance on this was invaluable, and she in turn was amazed at how much work and attention to detail is involved in a food shoot. 

We were also lucky enough to sample a few of the dishes for lunch – I can’t wait to go back and try the rest!

Photography:  Harriet Harcourt

Food styling:   Kate Flower Food