What to Eat – a Specialist Guide to Fertility and Pregnancy


“The pictures of the food are really pretty, my enormous thanks to Harriet Harcourt for her exceptional talent in food photography ..”  
– Dr Joo Teoh, Author & Publisher

What to Eat – a Specialist Guide to Fertility and Pregnancy by Perth-based specialist in Fertility, Obstetrics & Gynaecology Joo Teoh with recipe development by Kami Ramini of This Mum’s Kitchen  

“Dr Joo Teoh, a UK & Australian qualified obstetrician & fertility specialist summarises the latest evidence & outlines practical recommendations to help you fall pregnant and maintain a healthy pregnancy. In this book Joo concentrates on lifestyle and nutritional factors, as well as both his personal experience alongside extensive peer-reviewed scientific research” – Amazon Australia.

Working again with the delightful pro team of Kami Ramini (also wearing her Kami Ramini Media hat in the form of editing & project management) and Becky Chilcott of Chil3Design, I shot the food component of the photography for this colourful and informative book. 

As a “mature” woman the subject matter is academic for me now, what does always interest me though is “are the recipes delicious?”
Yes, they are.

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Author & publisher: Dr Joo Teoh
Recipe development & food styling:   Kami Ramini
Art direction, book design and production: Becky Chilcott
Project manager & editor: Kami Ramini Media
Food photography:  Harriet Harcourt
Lifestyle photography: Julie Casali
Recipe testing: Alia Neesham & Sandra Harris