Fogarty Wine Group – Bunkers Beach Housepremium
Guy Jeffreys – who made his name as head chef and gardener at Millbrook Winery – has now stepped up to take on the mantle of Executive Chef for Fogarty Wine Group . With a focus on sustainable seafood, Guy and new Head Chef Jason van Druten recently launched their new Bunkers Beach House menu just in […]
“and if you think you don’t give a fig.. “premium
“and if you think you don’t give a fig..   “ Where I live there has been no shortage of fig trees heaving with fat, ripe figs lately – and their owners are happy to share their wonderful bounty before the birds can get to them all. Last week, my neighbour – who is also […]
Dôme Café Group – 2017 Summer Seasonal Menupremium
I love working with the team at Dôme Café Group and photographer Leon Bird! This recent shoot was for the new 2017 Summer Seasonal menu, and as usual, had a few little challenges to overcome..  ice-cream, maple syrup, hazelnut spread oozing just right, and an icy, creamy Christmas drink. Everything shot “both ways” (i.e. from above and […]
Dome Café Group – 2017 Winter Seasonal Menupremium
2017 kicked off with a couple of shoots for Dôme Café Group working once again with seasoned professional photographer, Leon Bird. The first was food styling for the Junior Menu updating some of the individual ingredients as well as re-jigging some of the menu items which had also been reworked; and followed by the 2017 Winter Seasonal menu. […]
Roasted Peaches with Ginger Crumbs & Orange Mascarponepremium
This delicious dessert (or brunch?) recipe for roasted peaches was made using a particular gingernut biscuit that most New Zealanders will identify with – made extra hard especially for dunking, and advertised with a catchy little tune that’s impossible not to think of if you are “of a certain age”! Of course, if you can’t easily get hold […]
Fruity Anzac Biscuits & Autumn Anzac Crumblepremium
Anzac Day fell on a Monday this year, which gave us a bonus three-day weekend. We were invited to friends’ for lunch the day before, and as I had offered to take a dessert, I decided to kill two birds with one stone and make use of the biscuit mixture which I had been planning to […]
Grilled Peaches with Lemongrass Syrup and Ginger Crème Fraîchepremium
This versatile and delicious dessert recipe would also be a great addition to a special breakfast or brunch menu. 1½ cups sugar juice of 1 lime 2 cm piece fresh ginger, peeled & sliced 6 cm piece lemongrass, sliced 1 cinnamon quill 6 ripe peaches, cut in half 500g crème fraîche 100g glacé ginger, chopped […]